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A fresh look to suit every destination

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A fresh look for every destination? Yes, it is possible with our guarantee of at least 20% lower prices on all perfumes and cosmetics*. Come and browse our vibrant new products alongside classic beauty must-haves.

You’re a different person when you arrive at your destination. A new city, a new world awaits. Your light pink lip gloss may need to be accompanied by a daring, scarlet lipstick, and that light, everyday foundation makes way for a tinted protective base for warmer climes. In our duty free shops you’ll find everything from skincare to makeup and perfume at 20% lower prices than in the city stores*.

Update your fragrance wardrobe

Perfumes are like garments; when the temperature rises, we crave lighter, airier scents. Hints of citrus, lavender and sandalwood replace spicy and musky aromas. Italy is known for its "acqua" perfumes, and in places like Dubai, roses are the fragrance of choice.


Big city red and beach gold

Gloss is an everyday essential you can apply without a mirror. There are loads to choose from; chunky pens with a lipstick feel but a softer colour, classic liquid lip gloss in a tube or brush-on lip glaze.

For that perfect evening or city look, apply a base coat first. Then outline with a lip pencil. For fuller looking lips, choose a shade that is lighter than your lipstick and draw the line just outside the edge of the lips. Try applying the lipstick with a brush. It gives a more even result and means you achieve that "cupid’s bow" finish without messing up the outline.

For kissable results, lightly apply transparent powder. For that extra glamorous effect add a touch of gloss in the centre of the upper and lower lip.


* Comparison is based on regular city prices.