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Umeå Airport environmentally certified at the highest level for the third time

2013-08-13, kl. 09:33

As a result of Umeå Airport’s proactive environmental work, the airport was certified this time for a three-year period. Umeå Airport is the second airport in the world to be awarded this distinction. With Umeå Airport certified at the highest level for the third year in a row, it means among other things that the airport’s own operations are completely carbon-neutral.

The highest level of certification is also proof that Umeå Airport works actively with other companies at the airport to reduce their carbon emissions as well.

“We are very proud of this certification, which is confirmation of the pro-active, focused environmental work we carry out at the airport and at Swedavia. An essential requirement for this honour is the airport’s close collaboration with the region on environmental issues;” says a very pleased B-O Lindgren, airport director at Umeå Airport.