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The new Umeå Airport inaugurated

2014-03-25, kl. 13:25

Today was the inauguration of the new Umeå Airport. After extensive refurbishment, the airport has been adapted to accommodate more passengers while at the same time the atmosphere was improved. A total of 60 million Swedish kronor was invested, in partnership with the Municipality of Umeå and Region Västerbotten.

After almost a year and a half of refurbishment work, the new Umeå Airport was inaugurated today. Together with the regional development agency Region Västerbotten and the Municipality of Umeå, Swedavia has invested 60 million Swedish kronor in an airport with higher capacity and a more attractive atmosphere. The entire airport has undergone refurbishment, from transport facilities and the airport entrance to the check-in and arrival halls.

In conjunction with the refurbishment, passenger services have also been expanded. This includes a new tax-free shop and the opening of a café. A bank of windows has also been added so that passengers can follow take-offs and landings at the airport.   

“Airports create opportunities for people to meet. So it is also natural to create inspiring environments that reflect the region and that make passengers think it is easy and convenient to choose to fly,” says Torborg Chetkovich, Swedavia’ chief executive. 

In order to simplify travel at Umeå Airport, a number of improvements have been carried out. Along with additional space in the arrival and departure halls, the security checkpoint has also been expanded. It is now also possible to handle departures for both Schengen and non-Schengen passengers at the same time.

“Air travel is growing rapidly right now, which means great opportunities for us and the region. Our hope is that visitors already using the airport will feel this region can offer them surprises as well as inspiration,” says Bengt-Ove Lindgren, airport director at Umeå Airport.

New developments at Umeå Airport:

  • An integrated entrance
  • Larger and brighter check-in hall
  • Larger and brighter arrival hall
  • Expanded baggage handling facilities
  • Increased capacity at the security checkpoint, 3 lines instead of 2
  • New tax-free shop
  • Open-plan lounge area at the gates
  • Expanded transport facilities for taxis, car parking, buses and bicycles