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Passengers of the future inaugurate Umeå Airport’s new bicycle garage

2013-05-30, kl. 08:22

On Monday, a class of fifth-graders came biking from Östteg School in Umeå to Umeå Airport. They were the first people to park their bikes in the airport’s new bicycle garage, thereby inaugurating the new garage.

There are not many airports in the world that can offer their passengers the opportunity to bike to and from the airport. But this is possible in Umeå. On Monday, some passengers of the future, that is, a class of pupils from Östteg School, were part of something unique when they inaugurated the bicycle garage.

Today Umeå Airport already has many passengers who choose to bike to the airport. This bicycle garage was built under the scope of the Green Citizens of Europe project and will serve to inspire more people to choose the environmentally friendly transport mode of biking and provide those who already bike to the airport with better parking for their bikes than before.