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Passengers at Umeå Airport greeted by welcome tree

2015-06-11, kl. 10:42

Beginning June 11, all of Umeå Airport’s passengers will be greeted by the decorated welcome tree “Betula Ludens” – the Playful Birch. Woodwork artist Jögge Sundqvist made the tree.

Each year, one million people fly to and from Umeå Airport. The Playful Birch is an artistic allusion to the Swedish tradition of welcome trees or trees that were planted at crossroads to give the place a symbolic value.

The craftsman Jögge Sundqvist is responsible for the work. For a year, he collected crooked birch trunks and branches on which he carved small faces in relief.

“They depict Umeå residents who are waiting for people on their travels who will return home,” says Jögge Sundqvist.

On the trunks and branches can be found a cranky old man, a cheeky teenager, a crying baby and a wise old lady.

“Umeå Airport set a record last year, and for the first time we had over one million passengers. The new artwork will hopefully be a beloved symbol for people returning home and for visitors,” says airport director Bengt-Ove Lindgren.