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New sales and marketing manager at Umeå Airport

2014-06-25, kl. 16:51

On June 2, Åsa Johansson assumed the position of sales and marketing manager at Umeå Airport.

Åsa was employed most recently at the retail chain ChildrensHouse.se, where she worked as marketing manager. Her work included a rebranding of Barnens Hus as what is now ChildrensHouse.se as well as the launch of the company’s e-trade.

“Åsa will work to strengthen the development of commercial business, for instance, the range of services and activities that enhance the atmosphere. Being at Umeå Airport should be an exciting and stimulating experience. I am very pleased that Åsa has started work here. Her experience and knowledge play an important role in our continued work to develop Umeå Airport,” says B-O Lindgren, airport director at Umeå Airport.

Contact information:
Åsa Johansson, tel. 010-109 50 02
or e-mail: asa.johansson@swedavia.se