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Inauguration of Umeå Airport’s new café

2013-08-20, kl. 12:32

Umeå Airport’s passengers can now get a cup of coffee  before the security checkpoint – the new café was officially opened today, August 15.

Earlier today, Umeå Airport officially opened the new café, which is combined with an airport information centre in the check-in hall. The inauguration was celebrated by some 180 passengers and others working at the airport with a little cake and bubbly.

Establishment of the eagerly awaited café and information centre in the new check-in hall was a key goal in the refurbishment of Umeå Airport.

“Our passengers have been eager to see this for a long time, and it feels great to be able to offer coffee, sandwiches, hamburgers etc. to passengers, but also to those picking up and dropping off friends and family,” says a pleased Bengt-Ove Lindgren, airport director at Umeå Airport.