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Get travel inspiration in your mobile with The Local’s Guide

2013-11-14, kl. 13:00

Swedavia is now launching The Local’s Guide, a service for mobile phones that collects photos of a city from the Instagram feed in real time and lets you create your own guide for inspiration based on the photos. 

The most common way to learn about a city before a trip is to ask friends or surf on-line. That has its advantages, but it is hardly the way to really get to know a city. So instead of hearing one more time about the same Swedish restaurants in New York or reading what other tourists write on ratings websites, you get genuine insight into city life there – both from locals who share their everyday lives and from visitors who give tips about their experiences. Then you simply download your favourites as a PDF guide so you avoid roaming charges abroad. 

“The airport is an inspiring place, and for most people this is where their trip starts. Using the guide, it is easy for people to find out the latest about the place they are visiting, even as late as when they are sitting at the gate. The Local’s Guide has been developed as a mobile website so it is easy for people to create a guide and get inspiration for their trip no matter where they are,” says Michael Persson Gripkow, chief commercial and marketing officer at Swedavia.

The Local's Guide (new window)