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Fritidsresor making historic expansion at Umeå Airport

2013-09-05, kl. 09:42

Fritidsresor continues to invest in its operations at Umeå Airport and will make the airport a charter base next summer. The number of seats available will double, and most flights will be “the right way around”, with better flight times and more time for travellers at their destination.

“The demand for non-stop trips from Umeå has grown so sharply that we are now further advancing our positions,” says Fritidsresor’s general manager, Bassam el Mattar. Establishing Umeå as a charter base means more trips to choose from, more time at the destination and better flight times for passengers in Umeå Airport’s catchment area.

For next summer, Fritidsresor has launched a partnership with SAS, which provides more benefits to travellers in the region. They include more flights that are “the right way around”, that is, with morning departures from Umeå and evening flights home, to maximise the traveller’s vacation days. 

In all, Fritidsresor, Sweden’s largest tour operator, is doubling capacity by 4,500 seats for a total of 9,000 seats from Umeå Airport next summer. It is also launching two new destinations: Rhodes, Greece, and Bodrum, Turkey.

Fritidsresor’s destinations from Umeå Airport, summer 2014:

  • Antalya, Turkey
  • Mallorca, Spain
  • Rhodes, Greece – NEW
  • Bodrum, Turkey – NEW

The expansion is welcomed by Bengt-Ove Lindgren, airport director at Umeå Airport.

“It is really wonderful to have this major expansion in service that Fritidsresor is carrying out. New destinations as well as more departures will make it easier for people living in the region to find a destination that suits them.”