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First non-stop route between Umeå and Visby

2013-03-20, kl. 08:30

Malmö Aviation and Gotlandsflyg are offering joint non-stop service between Umeå and Visby during the period June 30 – August 11.

Raukar och björkar

The route, the first of its kind between Umeå and Visby, will be operated two days a week, with departures on Thursdays and Sundays.
“Last summer, we started flights between Malmö and Visby, which was a success. So we have a lot of faith in the idea of getting quickly between Västerbotten in northern Sweden and Gotland during the summer,” says Henrik Löfberg, vice president of marketing at Malmö Aviation.
In Umeå, for instance, travellers can experience culture and nature – in particular the midnight sun during the summer months – and in Visby the Medieval Week and Almedalen Week, the annual gathering of Swedish political leaders, are held each year.

“The fact that Malmö Aviation is now choosing to launch a new non-stop route as well between Umeå and Visby shows that the airline is investing in both regions. Naturally, we are extremely pleased and are convinced the venture will be appreciated by our passengers,” says B-O Lindgren, airport director of Umeå Airport, and Gunnar Jonasson, airport director of Visby Airport.