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Allow plenty of time at the airport

2014-11-20, kl. 10:56

Refurbishment work at Umeå Airport during week 48 could mean that security screening takes a little longer than usual.

From November 24 to 28, the security checkpoint at Umeå Airport will be refurbished. That could mean a greater risk of queues forming, so travellers are encouraged to allow a little extra time at the airport before their flight.

Some good advice for faster check-in and security screening:

  • No sharp objects should be carried in your hand baggage, and avoid items containing liquids as much as possible. Those should be packed in your check-in baggage.
  • Prepare for security screening by placing all small items such as your mobile phone, coins and other objects in your outer garment or sport jacket, which will then be X-rayed. Take off these garments while still in the queue. If you have a computer with you, this must be removed from its case and placed separately on the conveyor belt.