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Carbon-offset your outbound flight – we’ll carbon-offset your flight home

Saturday, March 23, is Earth Hour. Swedavia would like to take the opportunity to challenge you to offset your carbon emissions – if you carbon-offset your outbound flight, we will carbon-offset your flight home through March 31.

Carbon-offset your outbound flight – we’ll carbon-offset your flight home

Every hour is an environmental hour here at Umeå Airport. Swedavia, which owns and operates the airport, has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by almost 60 per cent since 2005. To offset the emissions we have been unable to eliminate through our own measures, Swedavia buys certificates from other countries, which means that our operations are run without adding to global climate change. As a result, Swedavia is climate-neutral and has been so since 2006.

March 23 is Earth Hour, and Swedavia therefore would like to challenge you to offset the carbon footprint of your trip – if you carbon-offset your outbound flight, we will offset your flight home. The challenge will be underway March 18-31. 

What to do?

Click to get to the form for offsetting your flight.
Enter the airport you are flying from and the airport you are flying to.
Pay by credit card. You will also get a certificate as a receipt.

Carbon-offset your flight here

Contribute to sustainable development

When you carbon-offset your trip, you purchase emission reductions from a project that leads to reduced emissions somewhere else. 

Would you like to join in and contribute to sustainable development?  When you carbon-offset your trip via Swedavia, you help to build a wind power park in northern China and thus prevent the construction of new coal-fired power stations. You also contribute to sustainable development in the country and more new jobs for local residents.

In Andhra Pradesh, India, you help to replace coal with renewable agricultural waste to generate electricity while also funding investments in education and public health. The projects meet the requirements for the Gold Standard endorsed by World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace and are carried out within the scope of the UN’s cooperation on climate change.

What does it cost?

The cost depends on how long your flight is. For instance, if you fly Umeå Airport-London Heathrow, it costs SEK 199 for you and SEK 199 for Swedavia. For the Umeå Airport-New York route, you pay SEK 627 and Swedavia pays SEK 627.

You too can help!