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Security control

It is obligatory for all travellers to pass through airport security.

Security control

The objective is to find objects that are forbidden to take on board the aircraft and in so called authorization zones – areas dedicated to travellers who have passed through airport security before boarding the aircraft.

If you are prepared before passing airport security, the process is smooth and fast.

Suggestions before airport security

  • Have your boarding card ready to show when you reach the document control point just before airport security
  • Place your hand baggage in one of the plastic boxes used at airport security – remove from you hand baggage any liquids, liquid medicines, special dietary food and baby food that you have with you
  • If you are wearing coats, place them in a plastic box as well
  • Do not carry any loose objects in your pockets – remove keys, coins or mobile phones
  • If you have a belt with a large buckle or are wearing large jewelery, remove them as well as they can set off the metal detector
  • Remove laptop computers and other electronic equipment from any cases and place them on the conveyor belt
  • Depending on the airport, you may be asked to remove your shoes and place them on the conveyor belt
  • Walk through the metal detector while your hand baggage is passing through the x-ray machine
  • Any unauthorised objects found in your possession will be taken from you