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Blekinge is a small enchanting beautiful and with suprisingly close to all destinations. Here you can live the dream of archipelago cliffs, sandy beaches, deep forest and bright green meadows. It all becomes reality in Blekinge. The sun shines a litte more hours than other places in Sweden. Enjoy the historic naval base part of the marine world heritage, the unique food and taste sensations and the strong culture with a lots of music, arts and crafts. A wonderful nature with lakes and wilderness makes your stay unique. Enjoy Blekinge!
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Do and see
Life and passion! Are you a jazz fan? Do you like merry-go-rounds? Or enjoy yoga? Maybe you love old cars, flea markets, literature, or being in crowds of people enjoying music in the streets and squares? The summer in Blekinge has something for everyone. Here are som of the major events taking place in our municipalities.
Barnens Gård Park
Do you like swimming, going on water slides, playing and climbing, and enjoying farm life? If you do, you will have a really great day out at Barnens Gård. You can do all of these things here. And you can also drive an electric car! It has a lesiure park, a water park, animals, cafes and restaurants, as well as many activities that children of all ages will enjoy.
Kreativum Science Center
Are you one of those really curious people? If you are, the this is the place for you! Kreativum Science Center offers so many fun and interesting things to discover. Kreativum is in an incredible building, with five different discovery zones, each with their own themes, and a total of 170 statios. You will be blown away if you watch a film at the MegaDome cinema Kreanova! Two films are shown every day on the huge dome screen. Make sure you save som energy for Kreapark - the outdoor section of the Kreativum Science Center.Center.
Mörrums kronolaxfiske
Say Mörrum´s Kronolaxfiske and anglers all over the world think about big salmon an sea trout.Not surprising, since huge fish has been caught here since 1231. Now it also possible to join courses and have guidance in fishin technique and fly binding. If you want to learn more about fish and anglers history you can visit their exhibition and also watch Salmon and sea trout in a big tank.
Eriksberg Vilt & Natur
The gateway to Eriksberg opens onto a world of experiences packed with everything from wild animals to gastronomic treats. Eriksberg is just not a safari. Many guests are sure to be surprised when they encounter art, exhibitions and historical tours. There is also a playland and café. However, Eriksberg are best-known for hunting and fishing packages and, perhaps most of all, for the food - locallys produced vension and boar meat. At Eriksberg you will find truly extraordinary accommodation, with the spectacle of nature right outside.
Blekinge Riviera
Although Blekinge is only 120 km long, we offer a wide variety of natural experinces. Meadows and enchanting forests, the delicate leaves of beech trees, and sturdy pine an spurce trees. Along the coast, the archipelago becomes sandy beaches by the time you reach the western corner of the country. Sölvesborg is the furthes west and borders on Skåne. Insteda of an archipelago it has beaches - many long beaches with beautiful fine sand. The muncipality has a beach for every day of the week an many more besides. Some of them are full of life and have many visitors, with kiosks, restaurants and playgrounds next to them, while others are peaceful stretchers of paradise, hidden away.
Ronneby Brunnspark
Spa for your soul! Often awarded to the title "Most beautiful park in Sweden" Welcome to green areas, lively flea markets and magnificent buildings, it´s easy to feel good in Ronneby Brunnspark. Around 300 years ago, a spring of "healthy water" was dicovered in a small garden of alder an birch trees. This marked the foundation of what was to become - particulary towards the end of the 1800s - a famous and popular spa. In fact, a whole community grew up around the spring. There were beautiful wooden buildings including a hotel and public baths, as well as delightful park. People travelled to RonnebyBrunn to drink the water and enjoy the fresh air. Today, the park has been restored and the wooden villas from the heyday of the spa have been polished up. And visitors still come here for the same reason: to feel good. If you would like to bombine the beautiful environment with som kind of activity, there is a whole range to choose from. For example, you can enjoy lively Sunday flea markets in Brunnshallarna, fefstivals of vintage cars and wellnes, dog shows, guided tours and concerts. There is also a playland and the Naturum centre, a visitotors centre featuring exhibitions about the countryside of Blekinge. In addition, the park i right next to the Ronneby Brunn hotel and spa complex.
Brunnsbadet Water Park
Brunnsbadet is an oasis for families with children who loves swimming and playing in the water. The park is designed around a lake system, with different channels, lagoons, water slopes, beaches and two fast water slides. There is also a pool for young kids, a current channel, hydromassage benches and hot tubs, so there is something for everyone. Ice Cream kiosk and lunchrestaurant in the area allows you to really relax.
Egg Stall Farm Shop
Among farms and fields just outside of Ronneby City, you will find a charming little farm shop called Egg Stall. Here in a idyllic surrounding you can buy locally produced groceries from mostly Blekinge but also from the nearby landscapes. Fish, meat, game meat and vegetables with a taste of Blekinge. The eggs comes from the farm and they also produce and sell their own famous mayonnaise. If you get tired or need a break you can buy a coffee and sit down and just appreciate the peaceful view.
The most essential and practical information to help your visit in Blekinge.
Search, book and be inspired
Detours, sidetracks and reasons to change your plans completely - eveything you need to know before and during your visit, you can find on the website, all in one place and searchable. At visitblekinge.se you can find not only what you are looking for, but also what you did not know you were looking for. The entire county is at your fingertips - on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Click, click... complete! It's easy to book trough the site. You click and complete the digital forms and you receive your comfiramtion by email. Book accomodation, trips and all kinds of experiences, buy a discount card, rent a car for example.
Stena Line Ferry
The DFDS ferry between Karlshamn and Klaipeda takes 14 hours. The Stena Lines ferry between Karlskrona and Gdynia in Poland takes 10,5 hours.
By Train
Öresundstrafiken operates 17 departures per day between Copenhagen and Blekinge. The trains stop in Sölvesborg, Mörrum, Karlshamn, Ronneby and Karlskrona. It takes only 2 hours to get to Sölvesborg! SJ and Krösatågen operate trains from the rest of Sweden.
What does the blue flag mean?
If you see the blue flag flying at a guest harbour or bathing beach that you are visiting, it means that it is well-managed, clean and has the least possible impact on the environment. They must also meet service, information and safety requirements. The guest harbours at both Kristiannopel and Hanö have Blue Flags.
Ronneby Airport
Daily flights operate between Ronenby Airport and Stockholm. You can go from/to both Bromma and Arlanda. The flight takes approximately 50 minutes. Distance from Ronneby Airport to: Ronneby: 8 kilometres Karlskrona: 33 kilometres Karlshamn: 32 kilometres Olofström: 60,1 kilometres Sölvesborg: 59 kilometres Ronneby Airport is the region’s international airport and is reached most easily by the transfer bus that stops at the airport. Ronneby Airport is located in Kallinge about 8 kilometers north of Ronneby, Blekinge.
By bus and Coach
Blekingetrafiken run public buses in municipalities between central towns an urban transports in Karlskrona, Ronneby, Karlshamn and Sölvesborg. Most of their coaches are so-called Costal buses. They run between central locations in each municipality and the surrounding towns. City traffic in Karlskrona, Ronneby, Karlshamn and Sölvesborg. Blekingetrafiken has a well developed urban coditions with lots of trafficlines. Coastal Bus is our express bus . It will take you rapidly between Blekinge central towns and Kalmar and Växjö. Coastal bus between Karlskrona and Olofström serves as a complement to Öresundståg traffic and creates hour traffic throughout Blekinge.
By Taxi
Several taxi companies apply fixed prices in Blekinge. Always ask about the price before your trip! www.karlskronataxi.se + 46 455 191 00 www.sverigetaxiblekinge.se +46 457 122 67 www.karlshamnstaxi.se +46 454 150 65 www.taxikurir.se +46 771 860 000 www.zontaxi.se +46 457 203 00
Country code: +46 Area code: (0) 455 - Karlskrona (0) 457 - Ronneby (0) 454 - Karlsham and Olofström (0) 456 - Sölvesborg If you want to give us tips and advice on how we can improve data quality, you are welcome to email us at info@visitblekinge.se. Thank you!
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