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Ronneby Airport even more environmentally friendly

2013-06-25, kl. 14:00

Environmental work is continuously being carried out at Ronneby Airport. The latest in a series of measures is the supply of optimised geothermal heating for the entire airport, which means the terminal is kept warm in the winter using this new energy source.

The lighting in the parking facility has been replaced with LED lights, which has already produced results. The lighting for the airport apron has also been replaced and is now controlled by natural daylight – the lights are turned on when they are best needed.

One detail that saves energy is that the apron floodlights are alternated so that the same lights do not shine every day. The lighting is also reduced by half when there is not as much activity.

“We are doing all this because we want to be more environmentally-friendly and do what we can for the environment. They are just little things, but a lot of little things lead to good results in the end,” says Mona Grönqvist, airport director.

What will happen going forward? The lighting for parking will be developed so that it is motion-sensored. This is already available in the terminal building and has proved to be a success. A new environmental station with new containers is also being built outside the airport building.