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Get inspired in Ronneby Brunnspark

2013-10-11, kl. 08:22

Would you like to have a relaxing weekend getaway this autumn? Visit Ronneby Brunn resort and discover Brunnspark, the park surrounding it, recently named “Sweden’s most inspiring park”. 

Ronneby Brunnspark is located next to the classic Ronneby Brunn spa hotel, so you can take the opportunity to have a relaxing weekend with a spa treatment and good food as well as enjoy the celebrated Brunnspark.

On September 26, Ronneby Brunnspark was named Sweden’s most inspiring park at the Elmia Trade Show in Jönköping. It won in the category of “Publicly established park” over its competitors, the Lidköping City Garden, the Garden Society of Gothenburg and Örnparken in Örnsköldsvik.
Ronneby Brunnspark in the summer.