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Fly non-stop to Riga in December

2013-06-27, kl. 15:20

You now have the opportunity to go Christmas shopping in Riga – Blekingeflyg is offering two flights to the Latvian capital.

Just in time for Christmas, Blekingeflyg is arranging flights to Riga, a city with a rich history and inspiring contemporary scene. There are two trips to choose from: December 4-6 or December 6-8. You can book either a package trip which includes your hotel with breakfast and transfer or just your flight.

“We are very pleased that Blekingeflyg is providing an opportunity for people in the region to fly to Riga before Christmas. Riga is a really beautiful, historical city with a wide range of activities for everyone, including entertainment, culture and shopping. Riga is known above all for its big Christmas market, which Blekingeflyg is now giving us the chance to experience with its non-stop flights,” says Mona Grönqvist, airport director at Ronneby Airport.

Flights can be booked on Blekingeflyg’s website.