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Expanded security screening at Swedavia’s airports

2015-08-13, kl. 09:45

On March 1, 2015, EU-wide regulations for the detection of explosive substances will be introduced at Europe’s airports. In March, checks of cabin baggage were introduced, and beginning in mid-August, random controls will also include passengers.

Randomly selected passengers will be checked using explosive trace detection (ETD) equipment, called sniffers. The check is carried out by taking samples from clothing, shoes or hand baggage, which are then analysed. The check leaves no traces, and if the results of the check are negative, the passenger can proceed immediately through the checkpoint. If the results are not negative, another check will be necessary.

The check is quick, and the aim is to affect the passenger flow as little as possible.

All Swedavia airports comply with the regulations issued by the Swedish Transport Agency, the oversight authority for security issues at Sweden’s airports. 

For more information:

The Swedish Transport Agency’s website (new window)