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Easier parking at Ronneby Airport

2013-11-01, kl. 11:22

On Monday, November 4, there will be a change in parking at Ronneby Airport. An hour of free parking will still be available. Instead, some of the new features are a gate system with expanded service, a faster exit for people who have prepaid or have an annual card, and two spaces reserved for charging electric cars. At the same time, traffic in front of the terminal will be rerouted to create a safer environment.

“We want to encourage as many people as possible to choose flying. So it has to be easy and safe to get here as well as leave. Moreover, many people choose to fly because it saves time, and if we can do this more effectively, then we naturally hope this will be appreciated by our passengers,” says Mona Grönqvist, airport director at Ronneby Airport.

Here are some of the new developments that passengers will encounter at Ronneby Airport:

  • More entrance/exit gates with support available
  • Fast lane – an exit for people with annual cards or who have prepaid their parking
  • Easier payment with three automated machines instead of one
  • A safer environment by minimising traffic in front of the terminal