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Blekingeflyg named Marketer of the Year

2013-11-01, kl. 11:30

The airline Blekingeflyg has won the Golden Oak for Marketer of the Year, an honour handed out at the annual Golden Oak Gala for the Blekinge business community.

The Golden Oak Gala is a competition involving Blekinge’s businesses, and each year prizes are awarded to companies, individuals and organisations with a connection to Blekinge. The reasoning behind the awarding of the Marketer of the Year prize to Blekingeflyg was as follows: 

This year’s winner thinks innovatively in a traditional industry and dares to go all out. They also succeeded in lifting the Blekinge brand to new heights.

Among other moves, Blekingeflyg attracted attention in the media in 2013 when one of its flight attendants rapped and danced the safety instructions prior to take-off.