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    SkyCity Office One

    A vision becomes reality.

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    SkyCity Office One

    Offices with the best airport location.

SkyCity Office One is the first building that will be built in the new office city at Stockholm Arlanda. This new office city has excellent transport links and 100,000 square metres of office space. It is easy and convenient to get from SkyCity Office One via a glass-enclosed bridge straight to SkyCity and the airport.

Passenger volume at Stockholm Arlanda is growing year after year. Between 2013 and 2014 alone, the increase was almost two million. With the Stockholm region also expanding, Airport City Stockholm, which is now taking shape, will be the new hub between Stockholm, Uppsala and the rest of the world. 


Over the past three years, Stockholm has had record passenger growth, and in 2014 almost 22.5 million people flew via the airport. 

  • In 2040 passenger volume is expected to grow to almost 35 million, which is an average annual increase of about 2 per cent. 
  • In 2043 almost 50,000 people are expected to work in the new office city.


+46 706 99 61 20, tina@newoffice.se

+46 70 55 11 594, sofia@newoffice.se

A new office world for a modern lifestyle

A new office world for a modern lifestyle – with the new SkyCity Office One, Swedavia opens the doors to a new office world at Stockholm Arlanda. Green courtyards, modern technology and flexible offices are keywords that describe the ambitions of SkyCity Office One. 


The need to exercise, run errands and get a coffee and something to eat with friends has also driven the development of well-functioning supplementary services, which will continue to expand. On site are a spa, gym, running track and ski trail, dry cleaner’s and restaurants. And of course parking isn’t a problem.  

SkyCity is also in an early phase of developing a wonderful range of shopping options. Even now, people can shop for most things within walking distance, and the offering is constantly growing. This is all in order to make everyday life easier for the people who work here.

Perfect for people with operations at Stockholm Arlanda

If you have operations at Stockholm Arlanda, you are close to the terminals, close to customers and to day-to-day activities.  You also save time and money on travel.

There are many advantages to being an integrated part of the airport if you have operations at Stockholm Arlanda. You can walk from your office in SkyCity to any terminal in under 10 minutes. There is no better location closer to the terminals. You are close to your customers and can feel the pulse of everyday operations. 

Save time and money

Most operations have a growing need for travel, a trend that drives the investments now being made at Airport City. Modern offices immediately adjacent to the airport are now being offered, all in order to make it easier for business travellers who fly a great deal.


Along with the convenience, it is also possible for both you and your customers to save time and money, especially if many of you travel. Efficient travel could be a future competitive advantage. 

SkyCity Office One