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    Airport City Göteborg

    All roads lead to Western Sweden's first Airport City.

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    Airport City Göteborg

    A welcoming meeting place.

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    Airport City Göteborg

    The fastest growing region i northern Europe.

The first shovels have hit the ground for what will be western Sweden’s first Airport City. This will be the location for logistics operations, commercial activities, attractions and retail offerings, businesses and offices, and hotel and conference facilities. Over two million square metres of space is available.

All roads lead to Airport City

The airport city now taking shape is located where all roads come together. Since it is being built adjacent to Göteborg Landvetter Airport, it will be a port to Scandinavia.

High-speed rail between the two biggest cities in western Sweden

Construction is planned for a 60 km-long two-track high-speed railway between Borås and Gothenburg. The Gothenburg-Borås route is also a link to the new main line between Stockholm and Gothenburg via Jönköping.

Quick, convenient and environmentally friendly

The new railway between Gothenburg and Borås will pass through a tunnel under Göteborg Landvetter Airport. It will be easy for passengers to get from an underground station to the departure and arrival halls via a lift or escalator – a great environmentally-friendly alternative for getting to and from the airport. 

The rail network throughout the region can be developed

One essential requirement for the new railway between Gothenburg and Borås is the West Link, a new 8 km-long commuter rail link through Gothenburg, largely through tunnels. With the West Link, the rail network throughout the region can be developed. More people will be able to commute more quickly and conveniently with fewer transfers.  

1.5 million visitors in the future

Some 1,200,000 people live within 40 minutes of Airport City. That number is expected to grow to 1,750,000 by 2030. And every person is a potential visitor to Airport City, whether for work or leisure. 

Call Robert Lenzi
Robert Lenzi
Head of Property Development

Fastest growing region in northern Europe

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The business climate is healthy in the Gothenburg region, which is the fastest growing region in both Sweden and northern Europe, seen over the past 20 years. There are also a large number of international companies in the area.

Focus on sustainability

The planned buildings have been designed to blend in with nature and will be heated by district heating. The focus is on sustainable development.   

Scandinavia’s best logistics location

When it comes to logistics, Gothenburg is without a doubt number one in Sweden. Its central location makes it probably the best logistics site in Scandinavia. Gothenburg is not just the primary container port but also the leading industrial region in Scandinavia. So it is not by accident that the number one company in the logistics industry, Schenker, has chosen Airport City for its new logistics centre. 

Easy to get to and from the airport

Mass transit will be expanded, making it even easier to get to Göteborg Landvetter Airport. Whether you travel by bus or car, it will be more convenient. There are also advanced plans for high-speed rail service connecting Airport City with cities in the region.

A welcoming meeting place

We believe in a mix at our airport city and in a welcoming meeting place for both Swedish and foreign visitors – people who are visiting Sweden, people who are headed abroad and people in the region. 


Sweden’s most modern Porsche Showroom has already opened. SchenkerLogistics will be the next major company to launch operations, and a top-quality hotel adjacent to the terminal is coming soon.

Do you want to be part of this?

Do you want to be involved in shaping the future Airport City? A few high-profile partners have already expressed their desire to be part of this growing Airport City. Others are about to join the project. Do you share our vision and want to be one of our new partners? Contact us.