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As a tenant with Swedavia

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Many companies have discovered the advantages of being located at one of Swedavia’s airports. Airports are natural centres for business activities, services and especially transport.

Swedavia has airports in Sweden ranging from Kiruna in the north to Malmö in the south. As a tenant with Swedavia, you always get the best service imaginable no matter here in the country you are. 

Our largest airport is Stockholm Arlanda Airport. There are already 700 companies with 18,000 employees there today, and most are tenants with Swedavia.   

If you would like to talk to us about leasing premises at one of Swedavia’s airports, please call +46 (0)10-109 1380.

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    Bring Express: Our location at Stockholm Arlanda makes possible

    not just a portfolio of efficient, convenient and attractive services but also a really dynamic workplace.

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    Emirates: Everything our employees need is here

    :hotels, restaurants and shops in walking distance.

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    Jetpak: Stockholm Arlanda is the perfect hub for us to reach all of northern Europe.

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    Academic Work: Stockholm Arlanda is a unique hub

    With efficient flights, convenient logistics and good transport. In many ways a unique place to work. That’s why it’s natural for us as a staffing agency to have an office at Stockholm Arlanda, close to our client companies and the consultants who work for us.