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Parking contracts

Parking contracts are available if you are a frequent traveller.

Parking contracts

Places are divided into two different parking areas to the left of the terminal. Engine heaters are located within the area 'Prebooked places', and for parking contracts without engine heaters, places are at the long-term parking.

You do not have a designated space, instead park in any free space at the respective area.

Prices for contract parking

With engine heater Without engine heater
One year: SEK 6,500 One year: SEK 4,900
Six months: SEK 4,800 Six months: SEK 3,200

Snow-free car with carport

Order our carport so you don’t have to shovel your car out when you return from your trip. The number of spaces is limited so hurry to book your space.

  • Each space has an engine heater, which you control from your mobile phone.
  • The carport spaces are closest to the terminal, just after the arrival hall.
  • There are 28 reserved carport spaces.

Price for one year: SEK 15,000

All prices are exclusive of VAT.


E-mail: Lena Håkansson
Telephone: +46 (0)10 109 56 02