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Parking at Åre Östersund Airport

At Åre Östersund Airport you can choose between different of parking possibilities.

Prices short-term parking

SEK 15 per 30 minutes.


Card or cash payment is made in the self-service machines, that are located at three places in the car park. You can also use Easypark (registration is required) or pay with sms - you find instructions by the parking meters.

Easypark website (new window)

Prices long-term parking

Day 1-5: SEK 110 per 24 hours
Day 6-14: SEK 25 per 24 hours 
From day 15: SEK 15 per 24 hours


When you are going to drive in to the car park, you insert your credit/debit card at the barrier post to register your parking. When you drive out, you must use the same card, and the parking is then paid. Please note that you must pay with a credit/debit card that has a PIN code.

Engine heaters for people who don’t fly frequently


An engine heater costs SEK 160 kronor a day, so the minimum price is SEK 160. If you want to use the engine warmer for part of the day, you also pay SEK 10 for each additional half hour or portion thereof up to SEK 160.

You want to book an engine heater from Monday 12.00 noon to Tuesday 2.00 p.m. So you pay SEK 160 for the first 24 hours kronor and then SEK 10 for every half hour or portion thereof, or SEK 160 + 40. The total will be SEK 200.

How to do it:

Engine heaters are located in the area with the sign marked “Förhyrda plaster” (‘Leased parking’).

  • Drive in through the gate and park at the nearest available post. Note that you must use a credit/debit card that has a PIN code.
  • You use the same card when exiting, and the total is charged to your card.

Now you also have the option of deciding for yourself when your engine heater should be turned on. You control the activation simply and conveniently by an app or online – read more about it here.

Carport for people who don’t fly frequently

Based on availability, you can rent a carport at the airport. That includes an engine heater, which you control yourself via your mobile phone.


SEK 200/day

How to do it:

Carport parking spaces are located closest to the terminal, just outside the arrival hall. If there is a numbered space with a carport available, you can park there.

Go to Swedavia’s information desk in the terminal and pay. Give the parking spot number and your car’s licence plate number.

Don’t forget to lock your car and remove all valuables.
Swedavia is not liable for any theft or damage to vehicles or property in vehicles parked in Swedavia’s parking facilities.


Telephone: + 46 (0)10 109 68 04
E-mail: parkering@swedavia.se

Parking areas at Åre Östersund Airport