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New unique exhibition 1 Nov. 2017 – 31 Jan. 2018

The unisex label Johannes Adele was founded in 2015 by the designers Johannes Leijonberg from Jämtland in Sweden and Adele Gillardeau from France.

Their logotype says much about the brand, consisting of the initials "A" and "J" written in morse code. In todays worlds of rapid information and erratic fashion Johannes and Adele wish to take a step back. They let design and communication take the time it requires to deliver a clear message reaching its recipient at the end of the day.

Their creative ground derive equally from the cultural heritage of Jämtland and the rolling hillsides of southern France. Where there atelier is located, Johannes and Adele keep a safe distance from the fashion capital of Paris in order to develop their artistic vision in peace: a balance of modern and traditional tailoring.

The marketing of the clothing is transparent, from where the garments are made to where the fabrics come from whether it be Sweden, France, Italy or India. Production is placed in India which the duo visits regularly to personally oversee the promise of sustainable quality and workmanship. With the future in mind, awareness and aesthetics go hand in hand for these designers.

Original print designs and a large part of the dying is done in-house at the studio in France. They have a desire to experiment and the will to share something seldom seen in the world of fashion: a more natural and living beauty. This design ambition will not be rushed.

“The first deep breath of air. The mountains and the forests. The lakes and the vast expanses. Skis and swimming shorts. I always long for my Jämtland, would it be summer´s breeze sweeping its hand across the tree tops or winter´s white blanket of snow covering the ground. It is always here, in this barren landscape, that I find inspiration for my design.

It's always here I find peace. Not that strange.

Just look around.”

Johannes Leijonberg