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Discover Åre Östersund

Åre and Östersund offer plenty of opportunity for adventure. Skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer and a chance to dine at Sweden’s highest restaurant located 1,420 metres above sea level.

Sweden’s highest restaurant

Åre, located 90 kilometres from the airport, is often associated with skiing. It is a popular ski destination in the winter and hiking destination in the summer. Here you can take the cable car 1,420 metres above sea level to Åreskuten to reach Sweden’s highest restaurant. Restaurants often use Jämtland as a source of inspiration in their cuisine, and as a result cloudberry is a common ingredient in their cooking.

Adventure in Åre

But there is plenty going on in Åre even after the snow has melted. During the summer months, hiking, cycling and adventure are the main attractions. There is also Zipline – a zip wire where you are straped into a harness and reach speeds of up to 70 kilometres per hour. Not an activity for the faint hearted. Here you can experience Åre’s nature from a height of 60 metres.

Sweden’s largest waterfall, Tännforsen, is located twenty kilometres outside of Åre and is visited by tourists during both the summer and winter months. At night, the waterfall is illuminated and gives the water or ice an unusual appearance.

Learn more about the Samis

If you are interested to learn more about the life of the Samis, you should head a short distance from Åre to Lake Häggsjön. Here you find different types of Sami huts including in particular an octagonal hut called Jarnge which acts as the meeting place and central point at baptisms and weddings. At the Njarka Sami camp, you can experience what it is like to feed reindeer, sleep like Samis and throw a lasso.

Visit the zoo at Östersund

Östersund is located only ten kilometres from Åre Östersund Airport. Here you can hike many of the hiking trails, or alteratively put on your long-distance skates or cross-country skis for a trip during the winter season.

Frösö Zoo is located on the outskirts of Östersund. The site, which is both a zoo and amusement park, is also home to Sweden’s largest tropical house and Norrland’s only biological museum. Here you can find over 700 animals and a 75 million year old dinosaur collection.

If you are keen to meet yet more animals, visit the king of the forest – the moose – up close. The Moose Garden moose farm is located in Orrviken.

Festival frenzy

Every summer, the Storsjöyran festival is organised. Yran is one of Scandinavia’s largest music festivals with approximately 300,000 visitors during the ten festival days. Each year, around 70 different groups perform on a total of nine stages.

If you are interested in the Jämtland culture, head to Jamtli museum. During the summer months, you can meet people from bygone days, and in the winter a traditional Christmas market is organised. At Jamtli, you find an underground landscape, and images of Norrland’s history are shown here. The museum has been awarded three stars in the Michelin Guide.