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As the only Swedish ski resort that can be compared with the mountain villages in the Alps, Åre is extremely popular. More than 300,000 guests come here every winter and the number of visitors is constantly increasing, not least among foreign visitors. With a total piste length of 95 kilometres, around 100 descents, 40 lifts, almost 50 restaurants and more than 30 bars and nightclubs, it is arguably Sweden’s number one ski resort. It comes as no surprise that luxury traveller magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, chose Åre the world’s best ski resort 2008 thanks to its broad range of slopes for all family members and difficulties.
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Do and see
In addition to skiing, there are lots of other activities to choose from such as paragliding and kite flying, helicopter tours, dog teams, scooter tours, canoeing, hunting, fishing, riding and white-water rafting.
At 1,420 metres above sea level, Åreskutan is one of Sweden’s most well-known mountains, with a magnificent view over the mountain ranges of West Jämtland. Getting to the top and Sweden’s highest cafeteria, Toppstugan, is easy thanks to the cable car - Kabinbanan - the only one in the Swedish mountains.
A visit to Sweden’s largest waterfall is a must for everyone who comes to Åre. In the summer the waterfall is incredibly powerful, while in winter beautiful shapes are formed from ice, and seeing the water gushing over the ice is a very special experience. Furthermore, the waterfall is lit up at night, giving the water and the ice a magical dimension.
Duved Church
Åre’s magnificent wooden parish church was consecrated in 1894, and is designed in a Neo-Gothic style. It recalls a time when, thanks to incipient tourism, copper mining and forestry, economic growth in the district led to a substantial increase in the number of inhabitants and visitors, thus making the old church too small.
Njarka Sami Camp
See and learn about how the Sami people subsist and live in Njarka Sami Camp, which is located on a promontory in Lake Häggsjön. There are a variety of tents here, with a special octagonal tent, called Jarnge, as Njarka’s centre and the location for special ceremonies such as weddings and christenings. In addition to learning about Sami history, visitors can also feed the reindeers with reindeer moss, sleep in the Sami fashion and throw a lasso.
The Karoliner Monument in Duved
The Karoliner Monument is a ten metre high obelisk in granite, erected in 1892, to the memory of the 3,000 men who died in severe winter weather during and after the retreat of Carl XII’s invasion force from Tröndelag in 1718. Lectures on the March of Death over Sylarna are held regularly at Roxy’s Sledge Dogs.
Naturum Valådalen
Information Centre with exhibitions about the mountains’ geology and animal world, about the Samis and about reindeer food. Allow the staff to whet your appetite for discovery before you set off on your own excursions in the easily accessible mountain and forest environment outside.
Kretsloppshuset in Mörsil
Ecological experience and educational facility with winter garden, rose garden, garden park, old-fashioned chicken farm, café and restaurant, slide presentation, lectures, and courses and also sales of goods produced in an environmentally friendly manner in an old-fashioned shop.
For transfers from Östersund Airport to Åre you can book a mountain transfer at the same time as you book your flight ticket. Alternatively, phone mountain transfer on +46 20 97 97 97. Flight transfer with Taxi Åre between Östersund and Åre/Duved costs 1150 kr for 1-4 persons, and 1 350 kr for 5-8 persons. Phone +46 647 100 22 for more information. Länstrafiken, in Jämtland, also operates bus routes between Östersund and Åre. For more information go to www.lanstrafiken-z.se or phone +46 647 260 70. The distance between Östersund and Åre is about 10 kilometres.
Public transport
Länstrafiken in Jämtland has buses that run between Åre and Duved and a lot of other locations in Åre municipality.
Taxi Åre
Apoteksgruppen Åre, Årevägen
Country code: +46 Area code: 0647
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