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Photo exhibition by Marléne Nilsén at the airport

Starting on April 19 photos by the photographer and artist Marléne Nilsén will be shown in the terminal.

Photo exhibition by Marléne Nilsén at the airport

Marléne is one of Jämtland’s most promising young photographers. She is born and raised in Strömsund and Föllinge, she now lives in Östersund. She draws her inspiration from nature and from the people she has met along the way. She is also a talented artist, having already had a number of exhibitions here in Jämtland.

In her work, she tries to find time for photography, combined with hours spent in her studio where she paints colourful, abstract pieces that tend to include elements of social criticism.

With her unique sense of imagery, Marléne is also in regular demand as a wedding photographer. She has a rare ability to capture the present, encapsulating the warmth and passion in every moment.

She describes her exhibition like this:

"I’m Marléne Nilsén, a dreamer and a light catcher, with my roots in the forests of Norrland. This is My Story, a story of longing, of a feeling of something more than what we can see. A reflection of my inner being, of my adventure through life, through deep forests and high mountains. Where there’s someone to tell the tale, that’s where the story lives!

Thank you mum and dad."

The exhibition contains of 11 photos and runs from April 19 to May 31.