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STCC Airport Race to be held this weekend

2013-08-08, kl. 13:23

For the second year in a row, the STCC Airport Race will be held at Åre Östersund Airport. The airport will be closed from Friday lunchtime to Sunday morning in order to make way for Sweden’s largest auto racing event.

“Our hope is to repeat last year’s success with 15,000 visitors. It is amazing to see how everyone in the region is helping out to hold what is essentially an impossible event,” says Magnus Trense, head of commercial operations at Åre Östersund Airport.

STCC race important for the region

Everyone in the air travel industry is familiar with the regulations governing airport operations. Expanding operations in this area and holding the race – while at the same time complying with aviation regulations – is a challenge that has tested people’s competence and willingness to find solutions.

“It is wonderful to see the willingness of airlines and the local population and their understanding that this event is an important part of strengthening the region as a capable arranger of events.”