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Proud photography exhibition to open at the airport

Three photos by Fotobögarna
2014-12-15, kl. 16:54

The exhibition “A Proud City” is now opening at Åre Östersund Airport. The exhibition depicts a typical day in Stockholm, one characterised by diversity and love. The photography network Fotobögarna put together the exhibition, which was also on display in Swedavia’s tent during the 2014 Pride festival in Stockholm.

Susanne Norman, director of regional airports but also a wedding invigilator, welcomed the exhibition:

“For me, diversity is part of the atmosphere at the airport – a place where people from all over and from different backgrounds come together. We are an important gateway to the region, and we welcome everyone to our airports. Weddings often take place at airports, and it was great fun to bring this activity to Sweden’s different Pride Festivals.”

“Åre Östersund Airport offers a public space where, despite the constant pulse and nearly half a million visitors a year, people can have a quiet moment while they wait for their flight. In that way, the airport is an exciting place for exhibitions, which is why we are now looking at what the next form of expression might be,” Ms Norman adds.

The exhibition was put together by the photography network Fotobögarna, whose members share a passion for photography and are all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual or queer (LGBTQ).

“We want to offer a lot of love and diversity in the form of images to all our visitors. We hope the photos will get people thinking when they look at the photos and that they understand pluralism is enriching in all respects,” says Michael Silkesjöö from Fotobögarna.

The exhibition will be on display at Östersund Airport through Easter.