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Free condoms at the airport

2015-05-22, kl. 16:28

With the summer and autumn charter season approaching, Åre Östersund Airport is offering free condoms. The hand-out, which is a collaboration between the airport and the Jämtland Härjedalen County Council, is also part of the “Sextants” information campaign.

“The campaign is aimed at providing information about sex and condom use in a fun and easy way. During the year, our ‘Sextants’ (also a pun in Swedish, ‘Sex Aunties’) will appear in different media channels, mostly online and, as in this case, in physical places such as an airport. Sexually transmitted diseases are found throughout the world, and many people abandon their ’social control’ when they go on holiday.  The aim of our airport campaign is to promote safer sex by handing out free condoms to international passengers, both young and old, in the region, in various ways,” says Karin Wåhlén-Götzmann, for the Jämtland Härjedalen County Council.

“As an airport, we want to use a bit of humour to remind passengers about and offer them a little added safety, before they fly off to their destination,” says Magnus Trense, sales manager at Åre Östersund Airport.

For more information about the Sextants campaign (in Swedish)