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Crossing Borders to open at Åre Östersund Airport

2015-10-16, kl. 08:50

On October 16, the exhibition Crossing Borders will open at Åre Östersund Airport. The exhibition includes a portrait of the singer/songwriter Annika Norlin, who is known under her English stage name Hello Saferide and her Swedish stage name Säkert!, and comes from Östersund. Sweden’s Nationalmuseum is hoping to be able to display more art in the region going forward, and next year will have an expanded regional remit to develop Nationalmuseum Norr for northern Sweden.

Crossing Borders includes fourteen portraits of Swedes who work or have won acclaim outside Sweden. They are musicians, writers, diplomats, entrepreneurs, athletes, inventors, actors and researchers. Their work takes them abroad but also across borders beyond purely physical ones. This may involve setting a world record in swimming or changing our view of global social development.  

The photographers come from different generations, from Hans Gedda and Denise Grünstein to Sanna Sjöswärd and Magnus Laupa. Thomas Wågström’s portrait of the biochemist and inventor Petra Wadström was commissioned specifically for this exhibition, while others have come about in other contexts. All have been acquired for Sweden’s National Portrait Gallery, which is administered by Nationalmuseum.

A portrait of the singer/songwriter and journalist Annika Norlin, who performs under the names Hello Saferide in English and Säkert! in Swedish, has been added to the exhibition at Åre Östersund Airport. Her songs cover a broad range of styles, from “Arjeplog” to “I Was Jesus” and are performed in English and Swedish. Many of her songs have feminist lyrics, and she has recorded her own version of “Jag vill inte suddas ut”, a well-known song from the 1970s women’s movement in Sweden. In Magnus Bergström’s portrait, she emerges from the water as an androgynous Ophelia.

“We are pleased that the exhibition is continuing on to Östersund, a place that Nationalmuseum has a special relationship with. Moreover, in the next culture budget, the government is also allocating us increased regional funding in order to develop our collaboration with Jamtli on Nationalmuseum Norr. So it is our intention to show more art from Nationalmuseum’s collections in the region within the next few years,” says Berndt Arell, director-general of Nationalmuseum.

“An airport is a meeting place, and we want to give our passengers new experiences that surprise them when they visit us. It is especially gratifying to be able to welcome all our visitors together with Nationalmuseum, given their expanded investment in art in our region,” says Susanne Norman, airport director at Åre Östersund Airport.

Portraits in the exhibition

  • Magnus Bergström, Annika Norlin, singer/songwriter, journalist, who goes by the names Hello Saferide (in English) and Säkert! (in Swedish), 2010
  • Eric Broms, Zlatan Ibrahimović, football player, 2011
  • Eric Broms, Peter Stormare, actor and director
  • Peter Cederling, Therese Alshammar, swimmer, 1998
  • Fredrik Etoall, Robyn Carlsson, singer/songwriter, 2010
  • Hans Gedda, Anne Sofie von Otter, opera and concert singer, 2006
  • Denise Grünstein, Barbara Hendricks, opera and concert singer
  • Jörgen Hildebrandt, Hans Rosling, doctor and lecturer, 2012
  • Magnus Laupa, Tuva Novotny, actor, 2005
  • Sanna Sjöswärd, Theodor Kallifatides, writer, 2012
  • Sanna Sjöswärd, Hédi Fried, writer and psychologist, 2015
  • Thron Ullberg, Jan Eliasson, politician, diplomat and UN deputy secretary-general, 2008
  • Thomas Wågström, Ingvar Kamprad, entrepreneur and founder of IKEA, 2010
  • Thomas Wågström, Petra Wadström, biochemist and inventor, 2014

About the exhibition

The exhibition Crossing Borders is part of the collaborative venture between Nationalmuseum and Swedavia, which involves exhibiting art at airports in Sweden. It was previously held at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Umeå Airport, Malmö Airport, Göteborg Landvetter Airport and Visby Airport.
The exhibition will be held at Åre Östersund Airport from October 16, 2015, to April 30, 2016. There is an app for the exhibition which serves as an audio guide and includes pictures, sound tracks and texts to the portraits.

About Sweden’s National Portrait Gallery

Sweden’s National Portrait Gallery is the oldest national portrait gallery in the world and has been in existence at Gripsholm Castle since 1822. The collection includes almost 5,000 portraits and is constantly growing. The idea from the very beginning was that the subjects would be people who had made valuable contributions to Sweden. For a long time, that was synonymous with establishment figures, mainly older men.

Today the selection has been expanded, and the people depicted include representatives of vastly different segments of society. With the acquisition of these Crossing Borders photos, the collection has been augmented with the great figures of our era – Swedes who are at least as widely known today as Carl Linnaeus and August Strindberg were in their time.