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Åre Östersund Airport included in Access Database

2013-08-28, kl. 15:30

For a year now, Åre Östersund Airport has been involved in the Access Database project. The project was launched by the local tourism promotion organisation, Jämtland-Härjedalen Turism, with the objective of developing a portal for people with different functional impairments that makes it easy for them to find out what access is like at the place they will visit. Åre Östersund is the first of Swedavia’s airports to be included.

The airport carried out a major review including the airport terminal, which resulted in a checklist of things to be addressed in order to improve access.

During the autumn, work will begin to implement measures to remedy these aspects. They include lowering signs that hang from the ceiling so that people who are wheelchair-bound can also read them, adding flashing lights to the loudspeaker alarm system and lowering counters in restaurants so that everyone can reach knives and forks. 

”We are working together in the Jämtland-Härjedalen region to make things as accessible as possible,” says airport director Susanne Norman. A number of regional businesses are included in the database. Swedavia’s ambition is to have as many people as possible complete their air travel on their own, and if they cannot there are extensive operations for assisting people with reduced mobility (PRM).