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Swedavia WiFi

Swedavia WiFi is a wireless internet connection at Swedavia’s airports. You can read more about Swedavia’s recommendations, discharge from liability, rules and conditions below.


As a general precaution, Swedavia recommends that:

  • your computer has a firewall,
  • your computer is protected by a  regularly updated virus scanner,
  • you use Virtual Private Network (VPN) if connecting to your company’s network,
  • you write https instead of http in the address panel of the web reader if you wish to have an encrypted connection.

Discharge from liability

  • When using Swedavia WiFi, Swedavia is not liable for:
    - functionality or the content of any other website or service that can be accessed when you are connected with Swedavia WiFi,
    - damage that occurs due to the content of data or other information communicated during use of  Swedavia WiFi,
    - damage caused by a computer virus or the equivalent,
    - delay, corruption or loss of data.
  • Swedavia cannot guarantee that Swedavia WiFi always functions completely, constantly, reliably or without delay or interruption.
  • Swedavia does not offer any maintenance services.

Rules and conditions

  • The user is responsible for complying with Swedish law when using the internet and e-mail via Swedavia WiFi.
  • A person using Swedavia WiFi may only do so for their own use in accordance with these conditions and may not sell resell the service or otherwise use the service to offer commercial services.
  • Swedavia reserves the right through filtering to block websites with a content that can be considered to be insulting, illegal or pornographic. However, Swedavia cannot guarantee that this filtering is complete.
  • Swedavia is entitled to compensation for damage that the person using Swedavia WiFi, or someone for whom this person is responsible, has caused through negligence.
  • The person using Swedavia WiFi does not have any right of ownership, copyright or any other intellectual property rights to documents, material or software that pertains to the service or which is located on Swedavia’s websites. Swedavia’s and other distinctive marks that Swedavia uses in its business operations belong to Swedavia or Swedavia’s business partners.
  • Swedavia is entitled to shut down or restrict a user’s access to or use of Swedavia WiFi if rules and conditions are not respected.
  • Disputes concerning the application and interpretation of this agreement and legal conditions pertaining thereto shall be considered in a Swedish public court in accordance with Swedish law.

Processing of personal data

Swedavia is by law obliged to store data about the users’ communications with Swedavia WiFi for a certain period of time. In order for Swedavia to be able to comply with this obligation, you are required to state your mobile telephone number when registering. Data in accordance with the above may be handed over to crime prevention agencies.

Swedavia would also like you to provide some information about yourself to give us a picture of how our travellers spend their time at the airport. This consists of your forename(s) and surname, e-mail address, date of birth and whether you are a man or a woman. It is up to you whether you provide this information to us or not. This data will only be processed by Swedavia and may be used to send information and offers to you. Anonymous data or wholly de-identified data may be made available to external business partners.

Under section 26 of the Personal Data Act (1998:204), you are entitled, after making a request in writing, to be notified free of charge once a year of the information about you that is processed by us and how this information is processed. Under section 28 of the Personal Data Act, you are also entitled to request correction of personal data about you. Such requests are to be made to the following address.

Swedavia AB
190 45 Stockholm-Arlanda
tel. 010-109 00 00

The company responsible for operating the service is Swedavia AB. 19045 Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden, registration number 556797-0818. Swedavia WiFi Support: +46 10 10 90 450.

These conditions were most recently updated on 24 May 2013.