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On arrival

Special assistance staff meet you outside the aircraft door

On arrival, staff meet you outside the aircraft door. If you cannot move inside the aircraft, the staff help you once the other passengers have disembarked.

If you use a wheelchair, you are moved from the narrow cabin wheelchair to your own manual wheelchair when you have exited through the aircraft door. If you have an electric wheelchair, you normally move first to the manual wheelchair provided by the airport at the aircraft door, and retrieve your electric wheelchair in the baggage hall.


The equipment used for disembarking available at airport arrivals varies. Certain airports have jetties for boarding and disembarking, leading directly from the airplane to the airport building. The slope of the jetty depends on the height of the airplane,

Disembarking without jetty

A movable stairwell connects to the aircraft's door if there is no jetty. If the stairwell does not have a wheelchair lift, or if the airport does not have another lift system, disembarking is done with a special vehicle which can be raised and lowered. If there is no special vehicle, then dismbarking is done with the help of special assistance staff who carry you in a special wheelchair down the aircraft stairwell.

If you use a wheelchair you should be able to provide clear information about how to assemble your wheelchair. 

Special assistance services after disembarking the aircraft

You are assisted from the aircraft through any passport controls to the baggage reclaim conveyor belt, where your baggage and wheelchair are collected, and onwards to the customs checkpoint.

Special assistance service ends at the pick-up point, or close by your next form of transport if you are continuing by taxi, bus or train.

Special assistance staff also assist you to the connecting aircraft if you are flying onwards from the airport.