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50% off parking when you have a Danish BroPass bridge pass

Photo of the Oresund bridge at sundown

If you live in Denmark and have a Danish BroPass bridge pass, you’ll receive a 50 per cent discount on a week of parking. You pay SEK 240, around 190 Danish kronor, for 8 days (regular price SEK 475, regular price for parking per day SEK 180). If you choose to park longer, you pay SEK 40 per day from day 9 and forward.

What to do:

At the P1 or P3 parking facility, take a parking ticket from the automated parking machine. Show it before your departure along with the voucher from Club Öresundsbron to get the discount. Pay at the information desk at the airport, where you will also get an exit ticket.

Please note that the offer only applies when parking according to the description above. It is not valid when you use pre-booked parking.

This offer is valid until May 31, 2015.

The BroPass bridge pass offer is available to customers who have an agreement with BroPass, ÖresundsPendlaren or ÖresundsBusiness.