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Common questions about parking

The most common questions about parking at Malmö Airport. 

General questions

Finding parking
When someone else picks up your car
Is there a discount if I travel often?
Appealing parking fines

When you have pre-booked parking

How do I make a booking?
General information about booking parking
Debit/credit card payment
Entry and exit
Parking for people with reduced mobility
Manage your booking and find your booking information

When you have not pre-booked parking

Paying for parking (when you have not pre-booked)


Contact Parking

General questions

How do I find the right parking area?
The airport website has a map of the various parking areas, which can be printed out.

What do I do if I want to park my car but have someone else pick it up?
Leave the car key and ticket at Malmö Airport Visitor Centre at the airport. Remember not to use your credit/debit card at the entrance if you will be taking the card away with you because payment must be made using the same card.

I am a frequent traveller and drive my car to and from the airport. Is there any discount system for frequent travellers?
No, but it is possible to rent parking spaces at a fixed price. Read more under season parking.

I parked at Malmö Airport and received a parking fine that I want to appeal. Where can I do this?
Contact information including the ticket issuer's address and telephone number can be found on your parking ticket. All complaints or appeals are officially recorded and must be made in writing.
When you have pre-booked parking

How do I make a booking?

1. Enter the date and time of entry and exit as well as any campaign code. The system will show you which parking areas and services you can choose from. Click on “More info” to find out more about the parking area or service.

2. Continue to payment and enter your personal data and payment details. Once you have booked, you will receive confirmation by e-mail.

3. It is a good idea to print out the map and directions so it is easier for you to find the right parking area.

General information about booking parking

Do I have to book my parking?
No, you can also come here and select a parking space in an area where there is space available. However, special campaign prices are only available to people who have booked in advance on-line. With a booked space, you are guaranteed parking in the area you selected.

What does campaign code mean?
Sometimes we have campaigns through the media and our partners. If you received a campaign code, you enter it here. If you don’t have a campaign code, leave the field empty. Then you’ll get the best options available to you at that time.

When are the parking facilities open?
Our parking facilities are open everyday, around the clock.

Where can I book my parking at the lowest cost and how long can I park?
Generally speaking, parking is cheaper the farther from the terminals you park, but that isn’t always the case. We recommend that you look through the offers available in the booking system. You will also find there how short or long a period you can park in the different parking areas.

How far in advance of my planned entry can I book parking?
Usually about 6 months, but that may vary depending on how we set up our campaigns.

Can I book on short notice?
For most parking spaces, booking must be made at the latest one day prior to departure. The shortest time allowed is 2 hours before entry, provided that spaces are available.

Why don’t I see all the parking areas when I book?
Only the parking areas with space available during the parking period selected are displayed.

Can I book a specific parking space?
No, you can only reserve a space in a parking area, not a specific space. If you park often, it may be a good idea to lease an assigned space, which is always available for you.

Can Customer Services help me book parking?
We take credit card security very seriously, so Customer Service may not make your booking. However, they are happy to be of help and guide you through your booking.

How do I know that my booking has been completed?
A booking confirmation is sent to the e-mail address you entered.

I haven't received any confirmation, what should I do?
Start by looking in your Trash/folder for junk mail in your e-mail account. Some computer security systems may be set so that certain e-mails end up in your Trash/spam folder. If that’s not the case, contact Customer Service so they can help you.

Can I extend my parking period via SMS (text message)?
No, booked parking may not be extended via SMS.

Is there any additional booking fee?
No, there are no fees other than what you see when you book.

Debit/credit card payment

Can I book more than one parking space during the same period with the same debit/credit card?
Yes, you may.

Can I book parking using a card with a digital signature (for secure on-line payment)?
Yes, you may.

Why do I have to register my debit/credit card when I book on-line?
Payment for parking must be made using a valid debit/credit card at the time you book. We accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa.

I have a fuel card linked to Visa/MasterCard. Can I use it to pay for parking?

Entry and exit

What do I do when I get to my parking area?
Check to make sure you have come to the right parking area, that is, the area you booked. Drive up to the road gate and wait while the system reads and identifies your vehicle registration number. Your booking is identified, an entry ticket is automatically printed and the gate goes up. Do not press the button to get a ticket after the system has identified your registration number. Should this not work for some reason, please press the button with the telephone symbol and wait for assistance. We are staffed around the clock in order to help you.

What do I do if I have booked parking but the sign at the entrance indicates the area is full when I arrive?
If you have booked a space, then you always have access to the parking area you booked – even if the area is full for other people who want to park.

What happens if I park in the wrong area?
Then you are charged the regular price for the area you parked in. So you should be very careful about checking that you are in the right parking area. Feel free to contact Customer Service using the intercom at the entrance to confirm that you have come to the parking area you booked. Then give the name of the parking area you booked a space in.

Do I have to come at the exact time I entered for the parking space I booked?
In order for the system to reserve a space, a time must be entered for both entry and exit. You can drive in at any time on the day you booked after the time you entered, but if you drive in before the time you entered, there may be an additional charge.

What happens if I park too soon or leave too late?
If you would like to extend your parking period or enter earlier than the time you booked, the regular rate will be charged for the parking facility chosen for the time exceeding the booked parking period.

I booked for a week but came home two days before the exit time I gave. Am I credited for the remaining cost for the time I didn’t use?
No, unused parking time is not reimbursed.

What happens if I cannot start my car when I return home?
Contact customer service using the intercom or at the Visitor Center in the terminal. There is help available to jump-start your car for a small fee.

What happens when I want to exit the parking area?
Drive up to any exit gate. Your booking is identified, your parking time checked and the gate is raised. If there is a problem reading your vehicle registration number or you parked for a longer time than you booked, used the intercom system for assistance.

Parking for people with reduced mobility

Can I book a parking space reserved for people with reduced mobility?
You cannot book a parking space for people with reduced mobility. The reason for this is that we have a limited number of such parking spaces at each terminal.

Manage your booking and find your booking information

What is ‛Manage my booking’?

This service allows you to change or cancel your booking online. You’ll find your booking by entering your e-mail address and booking number. For instance, you can rebook up to 24 hours before the time of entry you entered at a cost of SEK 25.  However, you may change your personal data at no charge. You can also get guidance in changing your booking by calling our Customer Service at 010-109 66 70. Note that the day starts at 12.00 midnight.

You can cancel at any time up to 24 hours before the time of entry you gave at a cost of SEK 25. Go to “Manage my booking” and follow the instructions. You’ll find the link in your booking confirmation that you received by e-mail.
Link to ‘Manage my booking’

What happens if I forgot or lost my booking confirmation?
You can find your booking under “Manage my booking”, and you can print out your booking information there as well. You can also call Customer Service and they can help you.

Is there VAT information on my booking confirmation?
Yes, the confirmation also serves as a receipt for the service purchased, with information about VAT (25%) included in the price.

When you have not pre-booked parking

How do I pay for parking?
Hourly parking outside the terminals is paid for with coins or card in regular self-service machines.
You can also register a credit/debit card directly at the entry barrier (not Maestro and Jet cards). Payment takes place when you use the same card at the exit barrier.

It is also possible to take a parking slip at the entrance barrier and then pay for it with a credit/debit card at a self-service machine, or at the staffed parking counter in the terminal. You can also pay with credit/debit card at the exit barrier.

Can I reserve parking for more than one vehicle at the same time on the same credit or debit card?
No. Your card is used as an entry and exit card in the system, and therefore only one reservation per card per vehicle can be recorded at one time.

Contact parking

Telephone: +46 (0)10 109 68 10
E-mail: parkering@swedavia.se