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Book subscription parking

With your own fixed parking place, you are always guaranteed parking.

If you fly frequently, you can lease subscription parking at a favourable price - there is always space reserved for subscription customers.

Subscription parking indoor: P4

The multi-storey parking structure is located adjacent to the terminal. You walk straight from the structure into the terminal building. 

Price list

 Period Price
 1 month SEK  2 350
 3 months SEK  6 000
 6 months SEK 10 000
12 months SEK 16 200

Subscription parking outdoor: P2 and P6

P2 and P6 are located to the north and south of the terminal building, respectively. It is a 1-2 minute walk to the terminal.

Price list

 Period Price
 1 month SEK 1 400
 3 months SEK 3 700
 6 months SEK 6 100
12 months SEK 9 800

Subscription parking outdoor: P1 and P3

P1 and P3 are long-term parking facilities located to the west and north of the terminal building, respectively. It is a 3-5 minute walk to the terminal.

Price list 

 Period Price
 1 month SEK 1 050
 3 months SEK 2 650
 6 months SEK 4 400
12 months SEK 7 000

All prices are exlusive of 25 per cent VAT.

Parking areas at Malmö Airport


Telephone: +46 (0)10 109 45 00
E-mail: malmoairportparkering@swedavia.se