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Pre-book your parking for a guaranteed space

When you pre-book your parking at Malmö Airport, you are guaranteed a space in the parking facility that you choose. In addition, the earlier you book, the greater your chances are of taking advantage of any special offers. You can pre-book up to 24 hours before entry, unless otherwise indicated.

Book Parking

How it works

When you reach the parking area you booked, the system reads your car licence plate. A ticket is printed, and when you take the ticket the gate system opens. You do not need to press a button to get a ticket.

If no ticket is printed, you can push the telephone assistance button for help. The service centre will log you in by using your booking number, which was given in the email you received when you booked your parking space.


Secure payment

The web site uses SSL encryption software which is the industry standard. It encrypts all personal information, including credit and debit card numbers as well as your name and address.

Prices when prebooking

Prices for parking vary and are based on demand and availability of spaces. When you prebook, you can also take advantage of attractive offers and are always guaranteed a space.