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Parking at Malmö Airport

Malmö Airport parking is located within the airport area, close by your departure gate. There are five car parks at Malmö Airport: one indoor car park, three outdoor car parks and one short-term parking opposite the terminal.

Book Parking

Book parking in advance and you are guaranteed a space

Book and pay your parking in advance, and you are guaranteed a parking space at your chosen area. Rembember that you must book at least 24 hours before departure, unless otherwise stated.

Book parking - information and terms

Parking price list 

Parking Per hour
Per 24 hours
Up to 8 days
Per 24 hours, from
and incl. day 9
P4 Multi-storey SEK 40 SEK 270 SEK 1,890 SEK 175
SEK 30
SEK 210 SEK    1,050 SEK 100
P1, P3 SEK 20 SEK 180 SEK    475 SEK   40
Hourly parking/
drop off & pick up
0-15 minutes free
16-60 minutes SEK 30
After 60 minutes SEK 30


A barrier system is used at the car parks for entering and exiting. There are three ways to pay:

  • With credit/debit card at the entrance and exit. Receipt button is at the exit
  • Take a parking slip at the entrance and pay with your credit/debit card at the exit or in the self-service payment machines in the terminal
  • Ticket machines located inside the terminal and one additionel by the hourly parking. Our ticket machines accept credit/debit cards and some of them also accept coins.

Don’t forget to lock your car and remove all valuables.
Swedavia is not liable for any theft or damage to vehicles or property in vehicles parked in Swedavia’s parking facilities.

Parking customer services

Customer services coordinates work at the airport's car parks. It is open 24 hours a day, all year long. 
Contact customer services