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Warsaw has come a long way since its near complete destruction in the Second World War. This vibrant, busy city has slowly been emerging as a new cultural diamond of the East and forms the centre of modern Poland. And while shiny skyscrapers, new restaurants and funky clubs shoot like mushrooms from the soil, Warsaw’s many historic buildings serve as a reminder of this city’s glorious history.
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Do and see
Warsaw has plenty to offer, its diverse history and interesting sights has made this city one of Poland’s most popular tourist destinations.
Uprising Museum
The Uprising Museum was built in remembrance of the war between the Polish resistance Home Army and Nazi Germany in 1944. The exhibitions in the museum show, under constant terror, the everyday life of the people in Poland during this time period. See different artefacts from then, with everything between weapons to love letters.
Palace of Culture and Science
Palace of Culture and Science is the tallest building in Poland with 237 m to the top of the spire. It has 42 floors, houses 3288 rooms and on the 30th floor there is a terrace with an amazing view over the city. It is now used as an exhibition centre with a cinema, museum, offices, conference hall and much more.
Royal Castle
Formerly home to Poland’s kings, the Royal Castle, or Zamek Królewski, is an impressive landmark, situated only a short walk from the Old Town. Take a peek at the King’s apartment or pay a visit to the galleries exhibiting paintings, coins, medals and carpets.
Park Lazienki
Park Lazienki is one of the most beautiful green spots of Warsaw. Take a stroll around its dazzling lakes or visit the stunning Neoclassical Palace on the Water (Palac Lazienkowski). The park is also home to the Chopin Monument, celebrating the famous Polish composer, and a range of smaller castles.
Pawiak Prison Museum
An estimated 100,000 people died inside the walls of this prison during the Second World War, when it was used by Nazi Germany to detain political enemies. Today, its remains serve as a powerful symbol for the oppression and horrors that Varsovians had to endure.
Chopin Museum
The Muzeum Fryderyka Chopina provides visitors with a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse of the life and work of Poland’s famous composer. It includes extremely valuable manuscripts, personal letters as well as Chopin’s last piano.
Historical Museum of Warsaw
Historical Museum of Warsaw holds an extensive collection of clippings, photographs and other exhibits covering every aspect of the city’s history, from its foundation in the 13th century to the present day.
Centre for Contemporary Art
Describing itself as a "place for the creation and documentation of art in all its forms", this centre offers a variety of art exhibitions, presentations of visual theatre, concerts of contemporary music, experimental film screenings and more. It is housed inside the Ujazdowski Castle.
The Frederic Chopin International Airport is located ten kilometres outside Warsaw city centre. Take bus number 175 to get to the city centre, or Bus 188, which takes you to the eastern quarters of Warsaw. Alternatively, you can take a taxi outside the Arrival hall. Make sure you take a licensed taxi and beware of private cabs, or you are almost certain to be overcharged. A taxi ride takes roughly 20 minutes. Ask the airport staff if you are unsure which taxi is licensed. Some of the bigger hotels also offer airport shuttle services.
Public Transport
The local public transport system, operated by Zarzad Transportu Miejskiego (ZTM), consists of trams, bus lines and one underground line. The underground line serves the area between the city centre and the southern suburbs of Warsaw. If you are planning a busy day of sightseeing, get a Warsaw tourist card, which includes free entrance to the city’s museums, free use of public transport and various other discounts. If you just need the transport, you may get a 24-hour ticket, which is also valid for night buses. Other options include a 3-day city ticket or a weekly city ticket.
It is best to book a taxi by telephone, rather than hailing one in the street. Nowa Taxi: +48 22 196 87 Wawa Taxi: +48 22 196 44 Bayer Taxi: +48 22 196 97 Some companies also include credit cards, such as: Ele Taxi: +48 22 811 11 11 Euro Taxi: +48 22 196 62 Halo Taxi: +48 22 196 23 If you do hop into a taxi on the street, make sure they quote you a price first. Taxis are more expensive at night and on public holidays.
Country code: +48 Area code: 22
230V, 50 Hz
There are several 24/7 pharmacies located throughout Warsaw, recognizable for their "Apteka" ("pharmacy" in Polish) on the outside. Here is some 24-hours pharmacies: ul. Puławska 39, Warsaw +48 22 849 82 05 ul. Żeromskiego 13, Warsaw +48 22 834 58 04 Al. Solidarności 149, Warsaw +48 22 620 08 18
Polish Post Offices are called "poczta" and are normally open Monday - Friday from 8am till 8pm, providing with stamps and postcards. Mail boxes are red, with "poczta" written on.
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