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Apart from having the best climate in Spain, Tenerife is a place where you can really relax and enjoy yourself. This island, crowned by Mount Teide, has picturesque villages, incredible landscapes and idyllic beaches. Here you will be able to enjoy fiestas where you will feel as though you are just one more reveller from Tenerife. Guess why over five million people have chosen this Island as their holiday destination. Just come and have a great time.
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Do and see
You'll have so much to tell. You cannot leave the Island without getting to know its indispensable sights: cliffs, volcanoes or historical centres which are world heritage sites. Unique places and settings which will amaze you.
Teide National Park
All who have been to the Island, and those who haven’t, will know of Tenerife through the Teide National Park. Standing amid a vast alien landscape, the Island’s most famous symbol rises 3,718 metres above sea level. Mount Teide is the third highest volcano in the world and the least Earth-like place on Earth.
The Ancient Dragon Tree
What would someone 800 years old look like? On Tenerife, the Ancient Dragon Tree of Icod de los Vinos is estimated to be that old; a unique chance to see and touch such an incredibly old living being. A tree (actually, it’s a bush) of colossal size and which is more than a great-great grandfather: 20 metres around and 16 metres tall.
Anaga Rural Park
An area in the north-west of the Island where time seems to have stopped at the Tertiary Period. Hiking among the park’s lush Laurel Forests is like stepping back millions of years in time and it’s easy to imagine that witches and fairies once lived here.
Teno Rural Park
The lucky 1,300 inhabitants of Teno Rural Park, a place of stunning natural beauty, live in the small towns of El Palmar, Teno Alto, Los Carrizales, Las Portelas and Masca. They make a living from livestock and farming, and the peace and tranquility which permeates the area has greatly shaped their philosophical outlook on life. It’s a great place for all kinds of outdoor activities, including hiking.
Los Gigantes Cliff
The name Los Gigantes (The Giants) was given for obvious reasons. This cliff in Santiago del Teide forms part of the Teno Rural Park and at certain points towers 600 metres above sea level, with virtually sheer walls which provoke a sense of vertigo even when seen from below.
Basilica of Candelaria
Its white and beige tones provide stark contrast to the bronze statues of Los Menceyes (ancient pre-Spanish kings) standing alongside the basilica and the black volcanic sands of the beach at its feet. The religious value of this building is greatly enhanced by the treasure of incalculable spiritual value housed within: the exquisite statue of the Virgin of Candelaria, Patroness of the Canary Islands, highly revered by the islanders.
Adán Martín Tenerife Auditorium
Santiago Calatrava designed this work of art. The world famous architect drew what seemed an impossible building. With part of its structure hanging in mid-air as if by magic, the exterior radiance of the Tenerife Auditorium simply reflects the beauty which it emanates. It’s a must-see visit for all visitors to the Island, and attending one of the regular concerts, operas or musicals is the ultimate experience.
Whale and dolphin watching
You don’t need to travel halfway round the world to see whales and dolphins. They live some three miles off the coast of Tenerife all year round. Tour boats set out from various ports in the south of the Island every day, offering a chance to see the bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales which have established permanent colonies in our waters.
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