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Skopje is internationally famous for being the birthplace of Mother Teresa, and much in that spirit is the welcoming, hospitable attitude that Skopje locals demonstrate towards visitors. Despite the recent political turmoil in the Balkans, Skopje has blossomed into a thriving, stimulating city to explore, defining itself as an exciting tourist destination.
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Do and see
Skopje has blossomed into a thriving, stimulating city to explore, defining itself as an exciting tourist destination. Addresses in Skopje can be confusing. Often only street names are listed as building numbers. If a building number does exist, it is listed after the street name.
Museum of Macedonia
Museum of Macedonia is a museum which features rich exhibitions from various historic periods as well as ethnographic displays, complete with costumes and models of traditional houses.
Sveti Spas (holy Savior Church)
Sveti Spas is a small but magnificent church, built in the 17th century and is located east of Kale Fortress. In the west part of the building there is a gallery designed for women. The church is known for its iconostasis, made of walnut tree, by the brothers Marko and Peter Filipovski and Makarie.
Mustafa Pasha Mosque
Mustafa Pasha Mosque is a spectacular structure dating from 1492 located in the Old Bazaar of Skopje. This is the largest and most opulent mosque in Skopje.
Old Bazaar
Old Bazaar ia a lively, vivid marketplace still brimming with small handicraft merchants such as tailors, cobblers and quilt makers, as in ancient times.
Mother Teresa Statue
The Mother Teresa Statue is dedicated the Nobel Peace Prize winner and famous matriarch of Skopje, born as Gondza Bojadziu in 1910. It is located on same street where Mother Teresa was baptized.
Stone Bridge (kamen Most)
The iconic symbol of Skopje, this impressive bridge joins the old Turkish part of town to the modern side of Skopje. It dates from the late 15th century being 214 meters long and 6 meters wide.
Tvrdina Kale (city Fort)
Tvrdina Kale ia a historic site dating to 200 BC. Only a few restored walls remain since the massive 1963 earthquake, but this magnificent ancient fortress is well worth a visit.
St. Pantelejom Monastery
At the top of Mount Vodno in the village of Nerezi, this charming 12th-century monastery has a spectacular series of frescos of the Lamentation of Christ. The frescoes that you can see here are one of the main sights in Skopje.
Airport - Skopje Alexander the Great
Skopje Alexander the Great Airport is Skopje's only international airport and is located 21 km east of the city center in Petrovec Municipality. Vardar Ekspres transport company offers bus connection to several locations in the city and buses run all day. Many hotels offer a pickup service from the airport, so check to see if it is possible to arrange this through your hotel. If you do take a taxi, be certain that it is a taxi with an official sign.
Public Transport
There are two main bus stations in Skopje, the New Intercity Bus Station (Nova Avtobuska Stanica) and the Kale Bus Station. Inner city and suburban buses and have various stops throughout the city. The schedule can be a bit confusing, so it is best to ask for directions on which bus to take from your hotel or tourist information.
Once you get past the airport, the taxi system in Skopje is excellent. Taxis are easy to find and all taxis have meters which drivers turn on, usually without prompting. Here are some trusted Taxi companies: Lotus +389 2 15157 In Taxi +389 2 15551 Nase Taxi +389 2 15152 Taxi Global +389 2 15189
There are numerous car rental agencies in Skopje, both at the airport and in the city center. It is safe to drive in Macedonia, and a car is a pleasant option if you plan to leave Skopje for day trips or to explore other parts of the country.
Main Post Office
"Zegin” is the Macedonian word for Pharmacy. Lotos Pharm   Address: Boulevard Saint Clement of Ohrid Phone:+389 2 321 3315 Zegin GTC2   Address: Kej 13-ti Noemvri Phone:+389 2 329 8544
Country Code Macedonia: 389 Area Code Skopje: 02
220 volts, 50HZ AC
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