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Dalarna is often called “Sweden in miniature”. Much of the popular imagery of Sweden, culturally and geographically, is from Dalarna; a pretty red-painted cottage by a glittering lake, in the evening sun, people in brightly-coloured folk costumes dance and swirl in celebration of Midsummer. All very Swedish. All very Dalarna.

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Biking Dalarna

Biking Dalarna is a collaboration between bike destinations in Dalarna. The goal is to offer our guests a high quality bike experience. In the current situation the bike areas on destinations Säfsen, Falun, Salen and Idre are included in Biking Dalarna.

Skating Dalarna

Skating Dalarna is a partnership between trip skating destinations of Dalarna to promote and assure the quality of the region’s trip skating destinations so that more people can enjoy skating on our prepared natural trails.

Dala Airport

From Borlänge they have daily flights to Gothenburg and Malmö. Borlange Gothenburg / Landvetter Flight time is 1 hour, the line operated by AIS Airlines. Are you going to Gothenburg city center, you can ride shuttle bus that departs 3-4 times / hour scheduled. Air taxis are another option. Travel time from Landvetter Airport to the center is approximately 30 minutes. There are also shuttle buses to Boras. Borlange Malmo / Sturup Flight time is 1 hour and 40 minutes with a stopover in Orebro. The line is operated by AIS Airlines. The shuttle bus runs between the airport and Malmö and Lund. The shuttle bus departs just outside the terminal, in Malmö and Lund you depart from each station. Are you going to Copenhagen, take the shuttle bus to Malmö and from there the train to Copenhagen.

Överstevägen 50, S-784 63 Borlänge