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Travelling from Malmö Airport October 31 - November 1? Please allow some extra time!

Important announcements from Malmö Airport

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Travelling from Malmö Airport October 31 - November 1? Please allow some extra time!

Updated 10/28/2016 at. 3:26 PM
The Pope visit in Lund and Malmö may affect road traffic to and from the airport the morning of October 31 and around lunchtime on November 1. There is a risk of temporary stops on road E65 to Malmö and road 108 to Lund (October 31). There may also be some impact on bus services, availability of parking lots and other operations at the airport. The impact on air traffic is expected to be very small. The airport's parking areas are open as usual. It will not be possible for the public to follow the Pope's arrival and departure on site. The event will be broadcasted on SVT.

Medical products

Liquid medication does not need to be placed in a plastic bag like other liquids. But remember to pack your bag so that you can easily show them at the airport security control.

Nonprescription medication

You may take as much nonprescription medication (lens cleaner fluid, cough medicine, nose spray etc.) as you require during the actual flight. But you can take with you the entire amount of nonprescription medication that you need during your trip away if you are unsure if the product can be purchased at the destination, or alternatively if it only exists in larger packages.

Prescription medication

You may take in your hand baggage as much prescription medication as you require during your trip away.

Narcotic medication

Certification is required to bring in narcotic medication

When bringing narcotic medication for own private use into EU/EES countries, you must be able to show a certificate that proves your right to take the medication with you. This applies regardless of whether you have the medication in your hand baggage or checked baggage. Narcotic medication includes many sleeping pills, tranquilizers and strong painkillers. Contact your chemist to get a so-called Schengen certificate issued.

Narcotic medication – different regulations for different countries

Contact a chemist or the Swedish Medical Products Agency if you unsure whether your medication is classified as a narcotic in Sweden. Narcotic classifications can differ between countries. LIkewise, the regulations that exist for bringing in these medications can vary from country to country. Contact the country's embassy for further information. 

Worth carrying a doctor's certificate

If you are travelling from Sweden to countries outside of the EU/EES zone, you should contact the destination's embassy for information about which regulations apply for bringing in narcotic medication. You must be able to prove that the medication carried with you is intended for private and medical purposes only, with for example a doctor's certificate in a suitable language. You can also contact the airline with which you are travelling to find out what applies.