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Different airlines have different regulations for how much baggage you are allowed to check in - check with your airline before travelling.

Checking-in of oversized baggage

Specific packaging (large plastic bags) is available for purchase for oversized baggage, including, prams and bicycles either with the airline at the airport, or at the airport's information desk. Check also with your airline if there are any additional costs for taking oversized baggage.

How to attach the baggage tag

When you check in at the self-service machines, a baggage tag is printed out which you must attach yourself in the following way: Attach the tag in a tear-shaped loop around the handle with the bar code facing outwards. This ensures that the tag remains in place, and the bar code can be read regardless of which end of the tag faces upwards.

Hand baggage

Check with your airline how much hand baggage you can take with you on board.

Baggage straps

Remove or tie any straps, strings or belts on your baggage before you check in to reduce the risk of them getting caught during the sorting process. Hard-sided baggage should not have any extra straps around it because they can slide off, and get caught during transportation.

Name and address label on both the inside and outside of bags

Do not forget to label your bag, preferably on the inside as well. If your baggage is misplaced, you can mention that there is a name and address label inside the bag, which simplifies identification.