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Malmö Airport Conference

At Malmö Airport Conference you can, for example, rent a smaller meeting room where you can work undisturbed or have meetings with colleagues or clients.

There are are currently two rooms at the airport accommodating up to twenty people. Perhaps you would like to take advantage of the fact you are having your meeting at the airport. Malmö Airport Conference can arrange, for example, guided tours of the airport and runway. During conferences with Malmö Airport Conference you have the possibility to order a breakfast buffet, finger food, a varied range of snacks, or prepare a dinner with the help of the airport chefs.

Read more and book your room by clicking on the link below or to the right.

Category: Conference
Malmö Airport Conference
Before security check.
Open hours:

Monday-Friday 09:00-16:00

+46 (0)10 10 94 500