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Skanian Hall of Fame

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The Scanian Hall of Fame is the exhibition of portraits that welcomes visitors to the province of Scania and the city of Malmö.

Photographs of well-known personalities

The Scanian Hall of Fame is an exhibition of photographs taken of well-known figures in sport, music, gastronomy, art, culture and business. 

A welcoming exhibition

For many travellers, Malmö Airport is the first impression they have of Scania and sometimes of Sweden as well. This exhibition gives them a positive start to their visit, while providing returning Scanians with a feeling of pride in their province. Now when you land, everyone in the Scanian Hall of Fame welcomes you on the way out into the arrival hall. If you are not an arriving passenger, you can still see the Scanian Hall of Fame and read more about the inductees on the website.

See all the inductees with pictures in the Scanian Hall of Fame