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Zlatan a prominent figure in the new Scanian Hall of Fame

2015-10-29, kl. 14:57

New portraits of notable Scanians, from the Swedish province of Scania, will be presented today in the departure hall at Malmö Airport. The popular portrait gallery has undergone a major update, and 12 of the 15 portraits are brand-new. One of the inductees in the Hall of Fame is Sweden’s greatest contribution to world football (soccer), Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who represents Malmö. 

Today was the official opening of the new Scanian Hall of Fame in the departure hall at Malmö Airport. The Scanian Hall of Fame is a modern, vibrant portrait gallery that is intended to reflect the society we live in, with today’s trends and interests. Passengers are offered a personal view of Malmö and the province of Scania, while the gallery is an important tool for marketing the region to foreign visitors.  

A number of notable people in various fields such as sport, culture, research, gastronomy, business and entrepreneurship welcome visitors to Scania. The Hall of Fame includes portraits of celebrities such as the comic Nour El-Refai, the television chef Tina Nordström and the actor Ernst-Hugo Järegård. To be inducted into the Hall of Fame, a person has to be either born or work in Scania. 

“We want to give all our passengers a personal view of Scania and what the region stands for – both people from Scania who often use the airport and our international visitors. Malmö Airport is an important meeting place, with more than 2.1 million visitors a year, and it is an excellent venue for marketing all of Scania,” says Peter Weinhandl, director of Malmö Airport.

Like with the Stockholm Arlanda Hall of Fame, the idea is for the gallery to be fluid and change over time, which means that there will be changes on a regular basis. One of the spaces has been reserved for the Scanian of the Year, who is elected each year by readers of the evening paper Kvällsposten and will be presented soon.

“We see the gallery as a gallery for everyone. These are the people who make Scania and Malmö what they are. For us, it is important that everyone feels that they are a part of this, and this also means that we will update it to make space for new people who reflect the spirit of the times of the Scania we live in,” Mr Weinhandl adds. 

See all the inductees here